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    Mario Gotze gave Germany a thrilling 1-0 win in the 2014 World Cup final.VI-Images/Getty Images

    Thirty-two nations will arrive in Russia for the 2018 FIFA World Cup seeking a shiny trophy, and the club that accomplishes it will joinor bolster its resume onan illustrious list.

    Only eight countries have ever secured a World Cup title, with Brazil, Germany and Italy accounting for 13 of the 20 all-time championships.

    But when did they win? Who played well during that World Cup? What are some of the memorable moments?

    Diehard soccer fans may know the answers, but casual observers and once-every-four-years watchers may be unaware. Whether you fall into one of those categories or somewhere in the middle, there’s always value in a trip down World Cup memory lane.

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    Brazil won the 1958 World Cup.

    Brazil won the 1958 World Cup.STAFF/Getty Images

    1930: Uruguay

    1934: Italy

    1938: Italy

    The first of two countries to ever win consecutive World Cup titles, Italy achieved the feat with a 4-2 triumph over Hungary. Italy’s then-manager Vittorio Pozzo remains the only manager to win multiple World Cups.

    1950: Uruguay

    1954: West Germany

    1958: Brazil

    Long considered the greatest player in the game, Pele made his World Cup debut during the 1958 tournament at 17 years old. He notched an assist during his first appearance, recorded a hat-trick in Brazil’s semifinal victory and scored twice in the final.

    1962: Brazil

    1966: England

    Geoff Hurst netted a hat-trick in the final to propel England past West Germany 4-2. It also marked the first year since 1934 that the host country defended its home turf and won the World Cup. 

    1970: Brazil

    1974: West Germany

    1978: Argentina

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