If Kim Kardashian and Kanye West decide to use a surrogate to have a third child, they already have a volunteer!

Kim has talked openly on Keeping Up With the Kardashians about wanting to have a third child, and after learning from her doctor that it’s not safe for her to get pregnant again, she admitted that surrogacy is now her “reality.”

And during an exclusive interview with Shawna Craig, the star of E!’s Second Wives Club talked to E! News about being a surrogate for the couple. Shawna was actually the surrogate for her husband Lorenzo Lamas‘ daughter Shayne Lamas back in 2015 and now Shawna told us she’d want to be a surrogate again.

“110 percent,” Shawna said when asked if she would want to carry another child. “No kids for me, but 110% I’ve actually had some people asking me to carry.”


And Shawna revealed that some of her Second Wives Club co-stars have even asked her about being a surrogate!

“Pretty much everyone on the cast is like, ‘So if I want to have another baby…’ I’m like, ‘I got you,'” she told us. “I love carrying.”

While Shawna is focusing on her acting career right now, she told us in the “next year or so” she would love to carry another baby and is “totally open” to being Kim and Kanye’s surrogate!

Shawna also shared she actually has a connection to the Kardashians.

“Lorenzo used to be close to her mom and Bruce so maybe he should put a phone call in,” she said, adding that “we’re all family” now that they’re all on the E! network.

“I’m totally open to it,” she shared. “Carrying for someone, it has to come from the heart, it’s not really a financial thing where I want to make money it’s more about the story and about something that makes me feel like I’m doing something good for someone else.”

Shawna told us, “Maybe she’ll call me up and we’ll have a conversation.”

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