Fayez Nureldine | AFP | Getty Images

Saudi Defence Minister and Deputy Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman

“A majority of Arab states are going to be there, as well as at least 50 Islamic states,” he said. “They’re going to make a huge declaration. President Donald Trump is going to make a speech … and they’re going to open a big center for fighting extremism and (supporting) Islamic moderation.”

Salman, 31 years old, has taken a central role in Saudi Arabia’s efforts to build its economy beyond the oil industry. He holds primary responsibility for the kingdom’s military and energy sector.

In March, Salman met Trump in the White House, and agreed that Iran represents a regional security threat.

Also in contrast to the Obama White House, the Trump administration appears to be moving toward a more traditional U.S. approach of favoring Saudi Arabia over its regional and religious nemesis, Iran.

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