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Veteran forward David West raised some eyebrows when he said the Golden State Warriors dealt with some behind-the-scenes stuff that would shock people on their way to their third NBA title in four years, and while he admits it wasn’t always a smooth ride, head coach Steve Kerr doesn’t want the story to be overblown.

After completing a Finals sweep of the Cleveland Cavaliers on Friday night, West revealed to’s Marc J. Spears that the team managed to overcome adversity during this championship run: “Y’all got no clue. No clue. That tells you about this team that nothing came out.”

Kerr was asked about West’s comments on Monday, and he downplayed any potential drama, via The Athletic’s Anthony Slater:

West was not the only Warrior to hint that there were some issues within the team, though. Shaun Livingston also made it known to Spears that the players didn’t make it easy on their coach: “[Shoutout] to Steve Kerr for dealing with all our B.S. this year.”

Kerr himself said on NBA TV after Game 4 that this was the Warriors’ most difficult championship to date:

But he made sure to follow that up by saying: “It’s an amazing team to coach”:

In an article on The Athletic, Slater chronicled how Kerr had to pick and choose his battles as his team seemingly coasted through the regular season. The article even detailed a late-season game at Indiana, a 20-point loss without Stephen Curry, in which Livingston noted that’s the angriest he’s ever seen his coach get. All-Star Draymond Green also mentioned that night as well.

Although he had openly admitted his team was mentally “fried” early on in the season, Kerr got on his players and called out their effort in the media after the Pacers game, knowing that the playoffs were quickly approaching. He later apologized to his team before the next practice.

Slater’s article offered a glimpse at some of the drama that went on behind the scenes. However, there’s likely plenty more than those outside of the locker room are unaware of. But as Kerr mentioned, every team goes through ups and downs throughout the course of an 82-game season.

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