Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

If Serena Williams has any plans of retiring, she hasn’t indicated as much. The tennis superstar was asked by TMZ Sports if she planned on calling it quits and replied “never” while laughing as she entered her car. 

Williams, 35, is currently pregnant and taking a maternity leave from tennis. She is expected to give birth this fall. 

Williams has not played since winning January’s Australian Open and saw her No. 1 ranking taken by Angelique Kerber on Monday, per the Associated Press (via ESPN). She is the most decorated female player in tennis history—and arguably the greatest tennis player to ever live, period—with 23 Grand Slam singles titles and 39 major titles overall.

But her pregnancy has led to speculation about Williams’ future in tennis, despite the fact that her publicist said she would return to play in the 2018 season when the pregnancy was announced. While Williams has accomplished all there is to accomplish in the game, she’s also given absolutely no indication she plans on retiring.

And she wouldn’t be the only woman to return from a pregnancy to the sport, with Victoria Azarenka most recently taking a maternity leave and expected to return to the game this summer.

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