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New York City police officer James Frascatore reportedly avoided a public disciplinary trial for his tackling of former tennis player James Blake in 2015.

Ashley Southall of the New York Times reported the story Monday and noted Frascatore was facing dismissal after tackling and handcuffing Blake outside a hotel “in a case of mistaken identity.”

Southall cited a source familiar with the situation and said Frascatore was previously set for a Monday trial for excessive force charges from the Civilian Complaint Review Board.

ESPN.com cited Southall’s report and noted it’s unclear how or if Frascatore will be punished with the new agreement with the board.

Frascatore suddenly tackled and handcuffed Blake in 2015 when the tennis player was leaning against a pole. According to ESPN.com, police later said Blake was misidentified as being part of a fraud scheme involving credit cards.

Blake won 10 singles titles during his ATP career and climbed to as high as No. 4 in the world rankings.

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