Nathan Fillion took to Instagram to lament that his cameo was cut from “Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2.” In the pic, he’s garbed kinda like “Star Trek” villain Khan and very seriously piloting a spaceship.

But hold on. This morning, director James Gunn responded via Twitter, saying, “For the record, that was never a scene in the movie – that’s simply Nathan Fillion clowning around on set.”

So what’s the real story? Where did the “Firefly” star get that outfit? And that wig?

According to SlashFilm, there was supposed to be a cameo with Fillion playing Simon Williams, AKA “Wonder Man,” a part-time superhero, part-time Hollywood star. The scene would have taken place at a film festival for the actor, with the actor dressed for “Arkon,” a “Conan the Barbarian”-type movie that appears to be what he’s wearing in the Instagram photo. For what it’s worth, Arkon is a real Marvel character, but one that’s yet to appear in the MCU.

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