Claude Paris/Associated Press

German-Russian national Sergej W was arrested Friday as a suspect in relation to the April 11 explosives attack on the Borussia Dortmund bus.

According to Philip Oltermann of the Guardian, Sergej is suspected of carrying out the attack in an effort to impact the club’s share price.

Oltermann noted German media reports say the 28-year-old bought 15,000 shares in the team for €78,000 with a put option, which means he had the right to sell the shares back at a predetermined price before a set time in the future.

Had the club’s share price dropped as a result of the attack, it is estimated the put option would have increased and he could have sold the shares back for as much as €3.9 million.

The attack occurred prior to Dortmund’s Champions League match against AS Monaco and resulted in defender Marc Bartra suffering a broken wrist.

The suspect stayed at the same hotel as the Dortmund team in an alleged effort to watch the attack play out.

The damage of the bombing was limited due to the second device exploding above ground.

Per Melissa Eddy of the New York Times, Sergej has been charged with attempted murder, inflicting serious bodily harm and carrying out an explosion.


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