Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

Baltimore Orioles outfielder Adam Jones called the racist comments directed toward him at Fenway Park earlier this season “disgusting” in a Players’ Tribune exclusive on Friday. 

Jones’ piece, which was accompanied by a video, was published after he was the subject of racist taunts and actions from fans in Boston at a game earlier this month. 

“Well, it’s 2017, and some people are still just stupid,” he said. “I’ve heard plenty of stuff on a baseball field over the years. You expect trash talk from fans. Sometimes you even enjoy it.  But to be out there playing the game you love, and to hear somebody call you the N-word? To have peanuts thrown at you, like you’re not even a human being? It’s disgusting.”

Jones added he was motivated to film the video for his three-year-old son so a thorough explanation about what happened will be available from the source. 

“What is he going to make of all that? Deep down, are people good? Are they bad? How should he see the world? He’s too young to fully understand now, so I sat down and recorded this video so that, years from now, when he looks up what happened, he hears it from his father.”

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